Ninja Turtles (Ages 3 - 5)

Ninja Turtles (Pre School Karate) 

In our Ninja Turtles program preschoolers learn basic social and physical skills with an emphasis on coordination and effective listening in a safe and fun environment. Through interactive games and physical activity preschoolers exercise their mind as wells as their body while gaining focus, learning teamwork, and improving listening skills. In addition, safety topics such as how to get help in an emergency and don’t talk to strangers are covered. With our specially designed achievement recognition system students learn the value of setting goals.



Our Program

  • Teaches Listening Skills

  • Builds Confidence

  • Improves Coordination

  • Teaches Respect

  • Encourages Teamwork

  • Provides Goals

  • Instills a Positive Attitude

"We earned Yellow Belt!"

Listen to What Other Parents Have to Say About iKarate! 

"My husband and I were looking for a sport that would let our son Jason use all his energy constructivley. We had heard from a friend that Karate was great for this. So we enrolled him at iKarate. Ever since he's been at iKarate he listens better and isn't as wild at home!"  

               - Jenna (Jason age 4)

"Lydia's listening and coordination has improved tremendously since taking your classes at iKarate. She loves coming to your classes and working towards her Purple belt! Keep up all the great work you do!"

- Mike & Debbie (Lydia age 5)

"Mark has never been more excited for any other activity like he has been for going to iKarate!"

- Dale (Mark age 4)

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