KIDS MARTIAL ARTS (Ages 6 - 12) 


Through our comprehensive age appropriate curriculum children will not only learn the physical aspect of the martial arts, but rather they will learn the life skills such as respect, self - discipline, listening, and kindness as well.  It has been proven that through martial arts training, children receive higher grades in school, become more confident, build discipline, gain self-esteem, are focused, and demonstrate respect. Further, studies have shown that martial arts training can reduce the symptoms of such disorders as ADHD. Our fun, high energy classes combine physical exercise with games, drills, and techniques designed to enhance coordination, memory, physical ability, and teamwork skills. With our goal oriented promotional belt system children learn dedication and perseverance carries rewards.  Through this program children will learn life long values that transcends beyond martial arts class to school, home, and into all areas of life.

Our Program

  • Enhances Focus

  • Provides a Great Workout

  • Builds Discipline

  • Develops Listening Skills

  • Develops Teamwork Skills

  • Encourages Goal Setting & Achievement

"I Believe In Me!"

Listen to What Other Parents Have to Say About iKarate! 

"The biggest thing iKarate has helped  Kevin with  is focus. Since begining at iKarate he has been more focused in school and his grades have gone up. I'm amazed how such a physical activety also teaches focus, and respect! iKarate is amazing!"

            - Susan (Kevin Age 9)

"Our daughter has never been the 'sports' type but she loves going to Karate.  Master Jesse makes each class fun and exciting. iKarate has been a great physical activity for her and has greatly improved her self - confidence."

- Jim & Tracy (Meredith Age 7)

"With each  new belt iKarate has taught Darren how to set goals and how to take action to achieve them. iKarate really has taught him to do his best at everything"

            - Scott (Darren Age 8)

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