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Unlock your full potential! No matter what your age or level of fitness, with our adult martial arts program you will be given the tools necessary to enhance your physical ability as well as mental sharpness. Students learn a blend of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Okinawa Karate appropriately balanced to provide the most comprehensive martial arts instruction. This program focuses on increasing agility, providing cardiovascular conditioning, and building strength & endurance with an emphasis on personal growth & individual achievement. Students learn proven self defense techniques, gain confidence, improve coordination, and overall health. This program truly harmonizes the body & mind for you to realize your full potential on and off the mat.


  • Learn Self - Defense

  • Don't need to be in ideal shape. We work with everyone to achieve their goals

  • Gain Flexibility

  • Improve Coordination

  • Decrease Stress

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • Build Strength

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Providing excellence in Martial Arts instruction for the following Michigan Communities: Birmingham Michigan, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Twp., Franklin, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Royal Oak, Berkley.

 Karate and martial arts lessons
in Birmingham, MI and Bloomfield, MI
Beverly Hills, Michigan

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